Clonal evolution is foundational to disease progression in hematologic malignancies which can impact therapy response, resistance, relapse and residual disease. Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Panels have fixed content to address the most important hotspot SNVs and indels implicated in AML, MDS, MPN, CML, CMML, and JMML. CNV, LOH and protein analysis can also be integrated into your single-cell data for a true multi-omic readout.

Solid Tumor

Cellular heterogeneity in solid tumor cancers impacts clonal evolution and patient outcomes. Single-cell DNA and protein solid tumor profiling enables high resolution of the genomic diversity in a variety of tumor types.

Genome Editing

Advances in genome editing have transformed our ability to deliver precision therapies by engineering specific sequence edits in almost any cell in any genome. While powerful, these genome edits are not always accurate or efficient, and precision tools are needed to provide quality control in ensuring the appropriate edits have been incorporated. Tapestri Single-Cell Custom DNA Panels provides single-cell resolution to assess targeting efficiency of genome editing constructs.