4 Cell Line Mix


Sample dataset for a 4-cell line mixed experiment using the Tapestri Single-Cell DNA AML panel (add link to AML Panel in Designer)

  • A cell line mix consisting of 49.7% Raji cells, 49.7% PC3 cells, 0.5% DU145 cells and 0.1% SKMEL28 cells was run on the Tapestri Platform
  • The full Tapestri run was sequenced on an Illumina NextSeq instrument
  • FASTQ files were processed with Tapestri Pipeline software using default values for parameters to generate variant calls
  • 79M reads were generated for 5,205 cells at ~39,000 reads per cell and 125x coverage of reads/amplicon/cell
  • Download includes VCF & LOOM files, which are viewable with Tapestri Insights software