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  • "No technology prior to Tapestri has been able to give us the resolution to decipher co-occurring mutations in the same clones. These insights are especially important in our study of resistance mechanisms and combinatorial therapies in key clinical trials."

    - Catherine Smith, MD

  • “To accelerate the understanding of response, resistance, and relapse, it is important to move away from bulk sequencing and make single-cell analysis routine.”

    - Jerry Radich, MD

  • "This new capability of single-cell analysis is critical to better understanding precision therapy selection at diagnosis as well as disease monitoring and subsequent treatment strategy.”

    - Koichi Takahashi, MD

  • "We use cutting edge single-cell techniques like the Tapestri Platform to give us insights into the selective advantages certain mutations confer in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, along with examining clonal heterogeneity including in the detection of minimal residual disease."

    - Ross Levine, MD

  • "We have a profound gap in knowledge between the interaction of a person, their cancer, and their therapy and how that impacts response. We need better insight."

    - Jerry Radich, MD

Comprehensive Profiling With Single-Cell Resolution

Cancer is unchecked cell growth, starting with a single cancerous cell among the 37 trillion in our bodies. Comprehensive molecular profiling with single-cell resolution has therefore emerged as an essential tool in understanding and effectively treating cancer. Mission Bio’s proprietary chemistry & microfluidic design enable unprecedented access to every combination of DNA, RNA, and protein from single cells, on a single platform.

If you are interested in projects leveraging the Tapestri Platform for single-cell multiomics, we’d love to hear from you.

The Tapestri Platform delivers targeted solutions for high-impact application areas, including blood cancers, solid tumors, and genome editing validation.

Empowering AI-driven insights to scale to the complexity of cancer

Our Tapestri Platform has been used to sequence over 5M single-cell genomes and generated more than 50B data points. The power of single-cell genomics to generate high-dimensional, high-complexity data allows us to scale to the complexity of cancer. Coupled with AI, this unprecedented abundance of genomic data gives us the meaningful insights needed to predict and outpace disease evolution.


The Precision Genomics Platform™

Tapestri is the industry’s first targeted single-cell DNA sequencing platform, enabling precise detection of heterogeneity in disease progression and treatment response. The platform includes an instrument, consumables, and analysis software, which integrate seamlessly with existing NGS workflows. With Tapestri, researchers have a highly sensitive, targeted, and customizable solution to move precision medicine forward.